Hairspray in the tools section?  You bet.  This is simply the best hairspray we’ve found for holding ABS parts down on a glass printer bed.  At a bed temperature of 110C, ABS sticks well enough that we can often print a whole bed full of parts without worrying about warping.  Usually, the parts pop free by themselves as the glass cools.

We clean the glass thoroughly and apply two or three light coats, letting it dry between coats.  Between prints, we typically just spray a little more on wherever the previous job’s parts were adhered.  The hold gets better and better with each new print and new coat of hairspray.  When the bed becomes rough enough to affect the finish on the bottom of the parts, we clean the glass and start again.

Where to Get It

  • Type: Uhh...adhesive?
  • Use: 3d printer bed adhesion