Lathe Electronic Leadscrew Part 9: Machining a Control Panel

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Today we’re going to make a proper metal enclosure for the control panel. We’ll start with a commonly-available BUD box, machine openings for the display and buttons, and finally engrave the markings and fill them with paint.

Firmware on GitHub:

3D Models on Thingiverse:

Some of the tools and supplies used in this video:

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  • BUD Industries CU-124 Project Box (Amazon):
  • YG-1 1/8″ Alu-Power end mill (eBay):
  • Noga Deburring Set (Amazon):
  • Noga MC1700 Mini-Cool Kit (Amazon):
  • YG-1 1/2″ 90 degree spotting drill (eBay):
  • Mighty Mag Magnetic Base (Amazon):
  • GX16-8 Aviation Plug Connectors (Amazon):
  • 8-Digit LED display module with buttons (eBay):
  • Microbrush SuperFine Applicators (Amazon):
  • Testors Gloss Black Enamel (Amazon):
  • Testors Gloss Red Enamel (Amazon):
  • Jeweler’s Visor Head Magnifier (Amazon):
  • NinjaFlex Fire TPU Filament, 3mm (Amazon): eSun
  • eSun Black ABS+ Filament, 1.75mm (Amazon):