ATC Spindle Part 12: Making a Sheet Metal VFD Operator Bracket

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Today we’re making a sheet metal bracket for the new mill spindle controller–using the new mill spindle. Tool inception.

Tools shown in this video:

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  • 6″ Bending Brake Vise Jaws (Amazon*):
  • Wilton 6-1/2″ Tradesman Vise (Amazon*):
  • Shars 8″ Dial Height Gauge (eBay*):
  • Loctite 414 Super Bonder Super Glue (Amazon*):
  • Shars Ultra Precision 1-2-3 Blocks (pair) (eBay*):
  • HHIP 2-4-6 Blocks (pair) (Amazon*):
  • Haimer Zero Master Mini 3D Sensor (Amazon*):
  • Haimer Short Probe 0.2″ Version (Amazon*):
  • Shars 440V 4″ Mill Vise (Amazon*):
  • Noga MC1700 Mini-Cool Kit (Amazon*):
  • Noga MC1700 Mini-Cool Kit (Amazon*):
  • Grizzly G0704 Mill (Amazon*):
  • Jorgensen Bar Clamp (Amazon*):
  • Allen Metric Metric Hex Key Set (*Amazon):
  • Allen SAE Hex Key Set (*Amazon):