Replacement Stepper Motor Wire
Replacement Stepper Motor Wire

This is a replacement wire set for our NEMA14 stepper motors.  A wire set is included with the motor.  We offer this as a replacement if yours becomes damaged or if you shorten your wires and later need longer ones. Specifications … Continued

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Double Extruder Hardware
Itty Bitty Double Extruder Hardware Kit
The miscellaneous hardware you will need to assemble your Itty Bitty Double Extruder. International Buyers: Purchase on eBay
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CNC Machined Extruder Bolt
Hobbed Extruder Bolt
This hobbed bolt is used in all of our extruders
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NEMA14 Motor
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor
NEMA 14 stepper motor for Itty Bitty extruders
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HXT900 Servo
Hextronik HXT-900 servo.  Perfect for 3D printer auto-bed-leveling.
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Printed Parts for Itty Bitty Double FLEX V2 Extruder
Printed Parts for Itty Bitty Double FLEX V2 Extruder
Printed parts for the Itty Bitty Double FLEX V2 Extruder.

Choose your filament and hot ends:

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Printed 80T Pulley
GT2 Printed Pulley – 80T
This pulley is used in all of our belted extruders
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Double Extruder Insulator
Double Extruder Insulator
Replacement insulator for the Itty Bitty Double Extruder.
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Light Extension Springs
Light Double Extruder Springs
Two light-tension double extruder springs
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