Hobbed Extruder Bolt


This hobbed bolt is used in all of our extruders

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We CNC mill these bolts in-house to our specifications.  The process we use produces parallel teeth that provide excellent drive traction on a variety of filament types, including flexible filaments.  They will not cause filament to twist or grind.  The teeth are directional to provide maximum grip in all of our extruders:

  • Itty Bitty Belted Extruder
  • Itty Bitty Double Extruder
  • Itty Bitty Double FLEX Extruder

The double extruders require two bolts.

If you’re using this bolt in one of our Itty Bitty extruders, we recommend starting with an E-Steps setting of 615 steps/mm.


  • One (1) hobbed extruder bolt
  • Two (2) washers
  • Two (2) jam nuts


  • Bolt diameter:  5/16 inch (~8mm)
  • Length:  2 inches
  • Teeth:  20
  • Distance from teeth to bolt head:  14.1mm
  • Material:  Steel
  • Filament Diameter:  1.75mm or 3mm

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