Replacement Stepper Motor Wire
Replacement Stepper Motor Wire

This is a replacement wire set for our NEMA14 stepper motors.  A wire set is included with the motor.  We offer this as a replacement if yours becomes damaged or if you shorten your wires and later need longer ones. Specifications … Continued

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IBBE Drive Kit
Itty Bitty Belted Extruder Drive Kit
Drive kit for the Itty Bitty Belted (single) Extruder International Buyers: Purchase on eBay
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CNC Machined Extruder Bolt
Hobbed Extruder Bolt
This hobbed bolt is used in all of our extruders
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NEMA14 Motor
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor
NEMA 14 stepper motor for Itty Bitty extruders
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HXT900 Servo
Hextronik HXT-900 servo.  Perfect for 3D printer auto-bed-leveling.
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Printed 80T Pulley
GT2 Printed Pulley – 80T
This pulley is used in all of our belted extruders
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Double Extruder Insulator
Double Extruder Insulator
Replacement insulator for the Itty Bitty Double Extruder.
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