NEW! Itty Bitty Double FLEX Extruder

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Introducing the Itty Bitty Double FLEX Extruder!

This extruder is the result of months of design and testing. An evolution of our previous double extruder design, it adds support for more hot end and filament types. The wider (27mm) nozzle spacing allows the use of wider hot ends, like the E3Dv6, and the shorter, better-constrained filament path easily handles flexible filaments.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Hexagon or E3Dv6 hot ends on 27mm centers (NOTENOT Hexagon AO)
  • Short, straight filament path to accommodate flexible materials
  • Uses the same hardware kit as the original Itty Bitty Double Extruder
  • NEMA 14 motors
  • Silent GT2 belt drives with printed pulleys
  • Integrated servo Z probe
  • Cam-lock idler bearing pins
  • Uses our custom hobbed bolts (or equivalent)
  • Lighter than a stock Accessible Extruder
  • Integrated hot end cooling
  • Mounting hardware for Prusa i3v printers

For more information, downloadable files and assembly instructions:

Itty Bitty Double Flex Extruder